• SkillIQ believes in providing 8 hours of training per day, however in the instance that a candidate has special circumstances, SkillIQ may offer at least (minimum) 2 hours of training per day within the selected course by online and offline modes.
  • SkillIQ - A professional IT Training Institute & Incubation that assists students, freshers, interns, and job seekers in enhancing their abilities and advancing their careers through the study of IT courses for IT and non-IT students, offering both online and offline training options. We offer three levels of courses: Beginner's Course, Intermediate Course, and Advanced Course. The fees for each of these courses are as follows:
  • A. Beginner's Course: ₹37,999/- (including 18% GST)
  • B. Intermediate Course: ₹41,999/- (including 18% GST)
  • C. Advanced Course: ₹47,999/- (including 18% GST)