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Our Batches begins very Soon & will accept 20 Candidates only / batch; So that, the Mentor can provide personal attention to each candidate.

Candidates will be selected on a first come first serve basis due to limited seats as per course.
If talent is not properly nurtured and guided, it is wasted. Our Mentor assists interns in developing a more hands-on approach as well as understanding work ethics & behavior. It assists interns in channelizing their energy & talents in ways that can lead to productive results in a more professional manner.

You can build a career in the information technology sector. SkillIQ helps you to grow day by day & provides more opportunities in the IT arena, which will help you to build your career in the IT field.

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Get Information as per your favorite course & quickly get a Job Placement Assistance service in your hands. Select how our course will best match your needs & how you will become an IT Professional.