Enhance Your Skills with SkillIQ’s Latest Professional Courses

Enhance Your Skills with SkillIQ’s Latest Professional Courses

SkillIQ is very pleased to have such an overwhelming response received. Many students, candidates, freshers, interns & job seekers stepped forward to join our institute. With continuous feedback and inquiries, SkillIQ has announced new courses which are trending in the IT Industry. As a part of our ongoing efforts to make SkillIQ the topmost in the IT Training Sector, we are delivering what the students, candidates, interns & job seekers are seeking out. With professional training and making them Market Ready, SkillIQ is here to provide you Great Opportunities with latest & high demand IT courses..

SkillIQ – Professional IT Training & Incubation Center in Gujarat

A professional training facility called SkillIQ offers information technology training to students and interns so they may sharpen their IT abilities and do their best job in the office. Through internships and training, SkillIQ have created professional training programmes for students and interns with the necessary qualifications and real-world experience. Aspirants are trained through professional programmes and cutting-edge teaching techniques by the greatest and most knowledgeable group of mentors from the actual world.

To improve your abilities across all platforms in the information technology sector. For the benefit of their learners, SkillIQ, one of the professional IT training institutes in Gujarat introduce various new courses and guarantee 100% Job placement.


Will assist you to become a professional sales force developer by helping you become knowledgeable in important salesforce concepts, Salesforce developer here. You will learn in-depth information on a variety of topics in our salesforce course, including Salesforce principles, an introduction to the cloud, the force.com platform, the Apex programming language, app building, query language, visual force, and many others. To pass the salesforce certification courses, SkillIQ will need you to complete real-world projects pertaining to each idea.

MS Dynamic

A functional consultant for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is in charge of doing discovery, gathering requirements, enlisting stakeholders and subject matter experts, interpreting requirements, and designing the system and apps. Utilizing out-of-the-box functionality, codeless extensibility, application, and service integrations, the functional consultant puts a solution into practice. Enroll in SkillIQ training to advance your career as a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist. The course guides you through the fundamentals of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), covering everything from the most basic ideas to the most complex ones. It also develops your ability to configure and customise reports, dashboards, templates, and other tools. Additionally, it provides two real-world projects that correspond to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification training test.

Power Bi

The Power BI Course is designed to assist learners to understand Power BI, a latest business intelligence tool from Microsoft used for analytics and data visualisation, in a creative manner. This program offers the fundamentals of data types, how to create and explore data, how to add slicers, optimize data, how to visualise maps, how to make funnel, waterfall, and scatter plots, how to create quick insights, and many more technical Power BI aspects. The goal of Microsoft Power BI Certification course is to give users a comprehensive understanding of analytics and data visualisation using Microsoft Power BI, as well as the technical skills necessary to create interactive visualisations that meet organisational needs.


Python is a well-known high-level, open-source programming language with many uses in automation, big data, Data Science, and the creation of games and web applications. It is an interpreted language that is versatile, strong, and object-oriented. The programming language with the most career chances is thought to be Python. With our Python training programs in Ahmedabad, which is regarded as the best in the business, you may obtain a thorough understanding of python OPPS ideas and modules. SkillIQ gives you concepts of the Python programming language ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application development framework. Rails is a website development framework based on Ruby, a general-purpose computer language. The roguishness of Rails is one of the reasons Ruby is among the top 10 programming languages. The Rails framework has been used by companies such as Airbnb, Fab.com, Hulu, and even Codecademy to create their products. Students will learn how to create database-driven websites through the Ruby on Rails Training. Students will learn how to create Real-Time Web Applications using the Rails MVC Framework in this Training course. This training covers both the basic and advanced concepts of the course. The Ruby on Rails Training Institute is appropriate for both novice and experienced programmers. You may consider getting a better job with the help of a ruby programming certification.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the development of algorithms that quickly adapt to big datasets, learn from them, and generate accurate predictions. With a CAGR of 3977% since 2015, AI and machine learning are the most in-demand skills internationally. The programme covers widely used machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML & AI) applications and technologies, such as TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Neural Networks. Additionally, the candidates will receive training on GitHub so they may display all of their creations there and utilise it as a portfolio. Get professional AI & ML training in gujarat from SkillIQ.


NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) examines how people think and process ideas, as well as how language and behaviour are utilised to communicate and connect with others. The vast array of approaches and theories that make up NLP describe how SkillIQ now interpret ideas, language, and behaviour. All of our NLP training programmes are created to support you in bringing about meaningful change and guiding others as well as yourself to success and fulfilment.

Data Science

Data science is indeed the process of extracting useful information from unstructured data. A variety of scientific techniques, algorithms, and techniques are used to examine data. There are several tools available for processing data from many sources, including text files, multimedia files, marketing forms, financial records, and sensors. For advanced studies, data cleaning, aggregation, and manipulation are crucial components of data science. In order to extract useful insights from data, it is an interdisciplinary topic that combines programming expertise, technical expertise, domain expertise, and mathematical and statistical understanding. Earn a data science certification from India’s top IT training institute. Become a data science professional by completing the many data science courses offered in this Data Science 3 month certification programme, which also includes project work and hands-on activities.

Magento 2

A PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform is called Magento. It also makes use of Symfony and Laminas, two other PHP frameworks. The Open Software License v3.0 governs the distribution of Magento source code. You may get an overview of this entirely new framework via the Magento 2 training course. You will get knowledge about fresh libraries and methods, module installation, fundamental feature customisation, showcasing Magento 2 development patterns and methods, and maintaining Magento 2 applications during this session.


Are you looking for training in professional IT courses? Numerous professional IT courses from SkillIQ are available to help you become market-ready. Get a job placement guarantee that is 100% when you interrupt our professional courses.

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