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Laravel provides several updates in their new version releases. In the new version which is Laravel 8, there are significant changes and updates which are very useful in building web applications and API for full stack development and mobile applications. SkillIQ is a professional training institute in which mentors provides knowledge of all new and updated features of the technology. SkillIQ’s 3+ years of experienced developers will guide aspirants with the practical project training in Laravel 8 Jetstream to make robust, scalable, secure and fast applications than the other versions of laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP based open-source web framework for building high-end applications using its significant and graceful syntaxes. It comes with a robust collection of tools and provides application architecture. Moreover, it includes various characteristics of MVC based architectures. It facilitates developers by saving huge time and helps reduce thinking and planning to develop the entire website and web based application, API for Full Stack Development and Mobile Application Development from scratch. Along with that, Laravel also provides security for the application. There are many frameworks and versions available for Laravel. The current version of Laravel is 8. You can also learn complete Laravel course and get 100% guaranteed job placement.

What is New in Laravel 8?

  • Models’ directory
  • Route catching improvement
  • Maintenance mode improvements
  • Rate limit improvements
  • Schema dump
  • Laravel Jetstream
  • Job batching

Laravel 8 with Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream is a new application scaffolding for Laravel. It is free and open-source. It replaces the legacy Laravel authentication UI available for previous Laravel versions. Jetstream uses Tailwind CSS and gives the option to choose between Livewire or Inertia. Jetstream gives you a better starting point for your new projects. It includes the following components.

  • Login and registration functionality
  • Email verification
  • Two-factor authentication with QR code.
  • Session management
  • API support via Laravel Sanctum.

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